Three Savvy (and Cost-Affordable) Tips For Decluttering Your Kitchen

Why is it that the kitchen seems to swallow and encompass all the junk, extra stuff, and mess of the house? The kitchen can be a black hole of "things," especially with a nice countertop that never seems to shine through the "things" and the high foot traffic the kitchen is used to. Yet, some of the below tips can alleviate the stress of a cluttered kitchen- and at a budget. 

1. A wall-hanging shelf. So much shelf space is lost because of, well, walls. Walls are just there, but harnessing them in a smart way could really help declutter a kitchen. Take an empty wall space and add a potential wall-hanging shelf. At the least, it could get some things off the ground or out of some jam-packed cabinets.

2. A counter cleaning cabinet. It is a bad habit to have the counter covered in items from all over the house and outside, and it is a habit that needs to be broken. It may be useful to have an "extra drawer" that can house countertop items. And once it is filled, it needs to be cleared to make room for more items. 

3. You may also want to consider a small home renovation to help allow for more space in the kitchen. This could come in the form of a kitchen island. If there is not enough room to begin with, consider adding an extra ground-standing shelf in the corner. A skilled kitchen design contractor can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. 

The best piece of advice for decluttering a kitchen is to be consciously aware of what does not belong. Clean the cabinets of dated materials and stay on top of excess. A proactive effort to clean the kitchen once a week will go a long way in keeping the kitchen space trimmed of the fat.

Sometimes a kitchen renovation can bring life and more space to your kitchen which may help you declutter more. If you're interested in a kitchen renovation or kitchen cabinetry services, contact the team at Holland Kitchen & Baths today. 

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